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Throughout my medical career, I’ve had the opportunity to research and report on a broad range of topics and fields. I’ve written many articles on different topics concerning the medical world, such as Rare case of femoral Hernia-Diagnostic Dilemma, Assessment of Severity of Peritonitis using MPI, Spenectomy v/s Splinic preservation, Juvenile Recurrent Parotitis . My acclaimed works have been published and are well-respected by medical professionals all over the world. Read some of my written works below.

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March 27, 2020

Background: Despite advancement in diagnosis, management and critical care of patients with peritonitis due to various etiology, prognosis remain poor. Early assessment by scoring system will influence the management and prognosis.

AIM: Evaluation of Mannheim Peritonitis Index Score for predicting the outcome in patients with peritonitis.
MATERIAL AND METHOD: Prospective study of 100 patient admitted and operated in National Institute Of Medical Sciences & Hospital. The structured scoring system i.e. Mannheim Peritonitis index was applied along with other clinical and biochemical parameter recorded in pre-structured Performa. Data was analyzed for predicting mortality and morbidity.
RESULTS:  In present study the mortality was found to be 17% with mean MPI score 31.35 with a standard deviation of 5.2 while in cured group the mean MPI score was 17.78 with a standard deviation of 6.3. The p value is highly significant as it was < .0001. 
CONCLUSION: MPI is disease specific, easy scoring system for predicting the mortality in patient with peritonitis. Increasing score are associated with poorer prognosis, needs intensive management and hence it should be routinely in clinical practice.

January, 30, 2020

The aim of the study was to study the per-operative indications of splenic preservation with the criteria and  various modes of splenic preservation. It was a retrospective study conducted on 50 patients of splenic trauma from 2016 to 2019. The mean age of patients was 38.48 years with male to female ratio of 4:1. Majority of the patients presented with pain abdomen, shock and abdominal tenderness. USG was able to identify the splenic injury in most of the patients. Laparotomy was done in 25 cases (50%), splenectomy was done in 16 cases (32%), while in 9 cases (18% 0 splenorrhaphy was done. 23 cases were managed conservatively. Spleen preservation was done in 32 cases while 16 cases had splenectomy. Spleen preservation was possible in 64% of cases by operative or non-operative methods. Keywords: Splenectomy, Selenography, Blunt abdominal trauma.


July 17, 2018

Femoral hernias are a relatively uncommon, accounting for less than 5% of all hernias with a female predisposition, likely due to the wider pelvis or wider femoral canal. The male to female ratio is 1: 4 and increases with age. Presentation of this hernia can be varied from asymptomatic to incarcerated groin lump. Diagnosing femoral hernias preoperatively is challenging due to the resemblance to an inguinal hernia. Diagnosing the nature of a lump in the groin is often difficult and a delay in diagnosis may occur, especially because an obstructed or strangulated femoral hernia may not always typically present with abdominal or inguinal pain. Femoral hernias may have an abnormal presentation and may misguide the diagnosis. A proper examination and histopathology reporting should be done for confirmation. Hence, one should have a high index of suspicion in these cases as they can have varied presentation preoperatively.


February 06, 2016

It is a rare condition and characterized by multiple episodes of parotid swelling and/or pain associated with fever or malaise over a period of years. Juvenile Recurrent Parotitis (JRP) is defined as recurrent inflammatory parotitis in children of unknown etiology. Salivary gland diseases in children are rare, apart from viral-induced diseases. Clinical diagnostics and especially the surgical treatment are influenced by stringent indications and a less invasive strategy. Due to the rarity of tumors of the salivary glands in children, it is recommended to treat them in a specialized center with greater surgical experience. In most cases, the symptoms resolve spontaneously after puberty but all children should be screened to exclude Sjogren's syndrome, lymphoma and immunodeficiency including human immunodeficiency virus. Parotid abscess results as a complication of primary parotitis and are very rare in paediatrics population, we present a 6-year-old girl who had 15 episodes of recurrent parotid swelling over past 3 months.

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